1 Day Post Op, Low Fever and Blurry Eyes?

Hello Doctors! I had my BA yesterday and I am now running a low fever of 99.5 even after taking 800 mg ibuprofen is this common? My PS told me I.need to cough and take deep breaths, why is this? I feel great other than a burning pain under my right armpit where my pain pump is. The other issue is that my eyes are very blurry, my PS suggested I remove my nausea patch but its been about 10 hours and I still see blurry, any idea about how long this last? Thank you all very much.

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Low-grade fever after any operation but specifically breast augmentation today after surgery is.

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After an operation the body's metabolic rate increases to initiate the healing process. This can translate into a low-grade fever.

Is it normal for your incision to be hard after 6 wks

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These questions are best discussed with your surgeon.

Most early fevers are related to the anesthesia, and areas of partial collapse of the lungs, and deep breathing and coughing helps these areas to re-expand. The nausea medication can cause blurry vision, but that should be resolved by 10 hours. If not, call your surgeon for evaluation.

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Fever after BA

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A modest fever the day after any surgery is not uncommon. Just keep an eye on it and tell your surgeon if it gets worse.


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All you describe is perfectly natural recovery.  The 99.5 fever is nothing to worry about and your surgeon is 100% correct in advice.  Your eyes will clear up.  When you have surgery you also must have and put up with recovery.  Be patient.  We do not get concerned unless fever is 101.   Sounds like you are doing fine.  My best,  Dr C

Early post-op symptoms

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Symptoms as you are experiencing is something that is best discussed and seen by your doctor.  Good luck.

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