Perms on but Now Other Problem?

I went back and got the perms on I told him my concerns about the pain and asked about root canals and he said no. Now my bite is uneven. The bridge on top tooth 2-5 is hitting first and the other side of my mouth is not hitting at all. He filed 2 of my bottom crowns and then said to come back in 5 days for an adjustment the bridge has been put in with perm cement. I don't want him filing the bottom crowns anymore as the ones he did file are sore now. Is he able to file down and glaze the brdg?

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Can you shave the glazed crowns?

Yes you can adjust porcelain in the mouth and provide a nice shine with the proper polishers, In the case you described with the problems you have mentioned sometimes it may be better to start from the begining. Talk to your dentist about your concerns, must will bend over backwards to make their patients happy, providing the patients have real expectations, good luck.


Kevin Coughlin DMD, MAGD, MBA  CEO of Baystate Dental PC.

Springfield Dentist

Problems with permanent bridge/bite

If you have a tooth with pain, it should be addressed prior to placing any permanent crown or bridge. Do the root canal if needed before cementing the bridge.

Regarding the bite: I assume you had temporary. The bite should be the same as it was prior to starting the bridge. It should be the same with the temporary and specially should be the same with the final. If you are hitting unevenly, it needs to be corrected. Sometimes due to lack of space you need to grind on the opposite teeth a bit, but I always bring this up and do it at the time I prepare the teeth and make the temporary. On a bridge from 2 to 5,  I would do a try-in to double check the fit and the bite, and then send it back to the lab for final glaze and polish.

Once the bridge is cemented you cannot glaze it. You can grind and polish in the mouth but depends how much thickness of porcelain there is to work with.

Good luck



Mauricio C. Tijerino, DMD
Miami Beach Dentist

Bite On Bridge High

Hi.  The teeth on the right side may all be sore if they are the only ones touching.  The bridge should be adjusted. I would not wait as the teeth will just get more inflamed.  I would give the dentist a chance to remedy the situation but if you are still not happy then maybe seek a second opinion. 

Your problems sound bite related. A bite that is too high can make you think that you need a root canal as I have personally experienced this! Good luck 

Sarah Roberts, DMD
Atlanta Dentist

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