Is It Possible to Permanently Disfigure Nose with Fingers?

I have always considered rhinoplasty due to a small hump on one side of my nose that most do not notice. A few months ago, I squeezed my nose with my fingers, and it swelled up and is now arched and larger on both sides. It has stuck this way, but I'm hoping it will return to it's size. Since my nose is larger, I am seriously considering rhinoplasty. Does nose cartilage return to its original size in time, or is rhinoplasty the best choice?

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Is It Possible to Permanently Disfigure Nose with Fingers?

 Sounds like you may have created a localised nasal trauma with swelling that will most likely resolve in several months.  You can always have a consultation with an experienced Rhinoplasty Surgeon that understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial beauty and Rhinoplasty.

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I find it hard to undedstand how squeezing your nose could lead to a permanent deformity. However, with ou pictures it is hard to advise you. See a good surgeon for advice

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