Will I Be Permanently Discolored and Can I Ask for my Money Back? (photo)

I had 2 Triniti series IPL treatments (3 laser treatments in 1) but did not complete the matrix 2nd time as it was too painful/hot. Both times I was burned and now I am very discolored. I am on Retin A and HQ 7%. Will I be permanently discolored? My skin seems thin?(I bleed if I scratch a pimple). Also, would it be apporpriate for me to ask for my money back? I did not complete the 2nd treatment (matrix) and I am definately not going back for the 3rd despite encouragement of Dr.

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IPL burns

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I remember your initial posting and photos. I'm sorry. I will say that at this point, your skin does look much better than it did right after the 2nd treatment - thank god. I don't think you will have any permanent discolorations and marks, and I'm very glad you are using Retin A and HQ - those will both be extremely helpful. Continue using your sunscreen daily too. Marks like those you received after your second treatment can take several months to resolve, but based on what I saw in your most recent photo, I think you are looking good and I'd continue what you're doing now. If you paid in full for a series and didn't complete everything, I'd assume you could get back at least what you didn't use, but you'll have to ask the providing physician for his or her stance on that. Give your face some time to heal though; I think it's looking much better and things should settle down over the next few months.

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