Permanent Wrinkle on my Eyelid and when I Get Tired my Eye Looks Extremely Ptotic. Should I Get I Blepharoplasty? (photo)

When I was 8,i had an eyelid ptosis surgery on my left eye. Now I am 20 and when I get tired my eyelid looks really droopy and the difference between my two eyes is visible. I also have a pernament wrinkle on my eyelid. Something that i don't know how it happened and if it's related with the ptosis is when i look upward i have strabismus. What should I do?

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Ptosis, strabismus and cosmetic blepharoplasty

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You have a really complicated set of problems that can only be addressed with eyelid (and possibly eye muscle) surgery.  You should consult with an experienced oculoplastic surgeon who can help explain the various issues and what it might take to correct them.  Your case is complex, so do not simply agree to a blepharoplasty without exploring all the options with a really informed opinion.

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