How Can I Make My Eyes Less Small and More Swollen Looking?

I'm 18 I got upper eyelid surgery 13 days ago as of today. I was lucky to not have much swelling,redness,bruises, no itch,and no pain.its been 2 weeks and most of my swelling is gone you can barely tell my eyes are swollen. Since the swelling decreased the eyelids appear smaller than the 1st day.I LOVE the sizes of my eyelids (+the little swelling) now. I am scared my eyes will appear a lot smaller than now when the rest of the swelling there a way to make the swelling permanent?

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Some photos will be very helpful here.

Did you had a functional eyelid surgery?  It is very unusual for 18 year olds to have cosmetic eyelid.  Two weeks after eyelid surgery is a relatively brief time.  Eight weeks is a much better time frame for judging an eyelid surgery result.  Your eyelids are likely to change in this time frame.  Hopefully you will continue to love your new eyelid shape.  If you have further concerns, please feel free to re-post here and include photographs.

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Eyelid swelling after surgery

My best advice to all my patients is this - don't look too carefully as you heal because the constant changes will drive you crazy! It's great that you love the results thus far - that's an excellent sign this early in your healing. However, there will be daily variations in the swelling in your eyelids. It will be about 3 months before you can reasonably start to evaluate your results. At that time you can discuss options with your surgeon if you need to, but it sounds like you're heading in the right direction.

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