Are Permanent Sutures Necessary when Using Strattice in a Breast Aug Revision?

Are Permanent Sutures Necessary when Using Strattice in a Breast Aug Revision?

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Absorbable sutures work well with Strattice.

Permanent sutures are not necessary with Strattice. Strattice is an acellular dermal matrix made from pig skin. The skin is processed to remove all cells from the skin leaving essentially a scaffold of collagen. When placed into the body, the surrounding tissue will grow blood vessels into the Strattice and "incorporate" this dermal matrix. This will also occur wherever it is attached to the chest wall. The sutures are placed to keep the Strattice in position long enough for this process of incorporation to occur. I use a suture known as PDS which degrades very slowly (over 3 months) which gives plenty of strength to keep the Strattice in place, however dissolves over time after the Strattice incorporates.

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Permanant Sutures in Revision surgery

About 25% of my breast practice is revisional and I have participated in over 25 breast revision labs with Alloderm/Strattice and the newer scaffolds.  The vast majority of surgeon performing these procedures with use a longer lasting absorbable suture such as PDS type sutures.  Some will use a permanent suture in some situations but the majority absorbable.  My current preference is 2-0 PDS and the new absorbable Quill or barbed sutures.  Best!

Dr Bengtson

Bradley Bengtson, MD, FACS
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You dont need permanent sutures

Now you dont need pernanent sutures with Stratice. also remember alloderm and autoderm

Grant Stevens, MD
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Strattice and use of Sutures for Breast Augmentation Revisionary Surgery?

Thank you for the question.

I do not think that the type of suture used to secure acellular dermal matrix is of critical importance. I do however use permanent suture when performing capsulorrhaphy (which is  often done at the same time as placement of  acellular dermal matrix) for correction of implant malposition.

I hope this helps.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Sutures and strattice

I often use absorbable sutures that last long enought for the strattice or alloderm to adhere and incoroporate to the tissues.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Surgeons have their own preference but using dissolvable sutures can minimize the risk that patients will feel the suture knots if permanent. This risk is rare but can happen especially if you are thin. Dissolvable sutures will stay in place long enough for the Strattice to incorporate into your tissue.

C. Andrew Salzberg, MD
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Sutures for Strattice is a personal choice

There is no right or wrong approach to fixing Strattice into position for breast augmentation revision. We happen to use a dissolving suture, as we expect the Strattice in incorporate and fuse in with the tissue, and the dissolving suture will hold on long enough for that purpose.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Use of Strattice in Breast Augmentation Revisions

The use of permanent sutures in breast augmentation with Strattice needs to be customized to the patient for their particular needs.  In most cases, I used a combination of permanent sutures and dissolvable sutures depending on the location of the sutures.  Also, it is important that if you are using permanent sutures that they are placed in a way to minimize feeling them through the skin - such as deep to the Strattice or under a layer of dissolvable sutures.


Good Luck.

David Shafer, MD
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Non absorbable sutures not neccesary

I prefer the use in long lasting absorbable sutures with strattice. The idea is that Strattice will get incorporate before the suture is completely absorbed. The obviates the need of permanent sutures. While this is a decision for your surgeon you may want to discuss this with him or her.  I believe Strattice is a great addition to the options for correction of implants. Good luck. 

Kevin Tehrani, MD, FACS
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Strattice and permanent sutures

Use of permanent sutures with Strattice is a personal decision by the surgeon. I do not use permanent sutures with Strattice. I  taught a series of sessions this last weekend in San Francisco with Allen Gabriel from Vancouver, Washington  about the use of Strattice and the discussion came up about how you suture the Strattice in. We all used absorbable sutures.

Jason Pozner, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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