Permanent, Non-surgical Treatment for Fat Transfer Overfill Under Eyes?

Nine years ago I had fat transfer multiple times under eyes. Initially it was to fill in the sunken look (and was overfilled)and then to correct the correction via cortisone and more fat. Cortisone works to a degree but only temporarily - all the bulges grow back the same way within a couple months (even when full strength is used). Other than surgery, what are the options (injectables, lasers etc) that would lower these bulges PERMANENTLY? I could finesse with juvederm but needs to go down.

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Correction of Overfilled Fat Transfer

As your experience shows, there really is no non-invasive way to remove permanent fillers.  Surgery is likely your only option.  However, without before and after pictures or seeing you in person, it is impossible to give you specific advice about your case.  Caution must be used when using permanent fillers such as Silicone since there really is not easy way to remove it.  Fat transfer is a great filling material, but just like other permanent fillers, if you don't like the results, you may be stuck with it for a long time if not forever.  In most cases,  I would suggest temporary filler such as Juvederm which can easily be erased if you do not like the results.


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Correction of overfilling with fat in the eyelids

Injecting chemicals in the fat pads multiple times carries risk! Liposuction on fat underneath the muscle might cause bleeding that can be very dangerous in this location whereas if your fat was injected above the muscle liposuction might help, but you must speak with the surgeon to discuss all risks!  Surgical blepharoplasty is the wisest choice for the surgeon to visualize the area as they operate and can stop bleeding that they see to minimize serious complications.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Fat Overfill Lower Eyelids

Other than a lower eyelid blepharoplasty, which you do not want, aspiration of the excess fat with a small needle may improve your appearance. The fat is removed from the lid just as it was harvested from the donor site.

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Overfilled fat transfer in lids

The caution with fat transfer is that the fill is a living material which is permanent in the best of circumstances. Overfilling is likely to stay. Steroids can cause the fat to shrink though the effect is unpredictable. The safest solution is lower blepharoplasty with reduction of the excess fat transferred. The result should be predictable and stable.

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Permanent filler

Permanent fillers can have permanent problems.  There is no great solution.  Surgery may be an option.  Camouflaging techniques may work as well.   Recommend a consultation to understand the exact problem and discuss possible solutions.

Dr Taban

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Fat transfer

Fat transfer to the tear trough requires experise. Over filling and lumpiness in the lower lid from fat is very difficult to repair. You will need an expert i lower lid surgery to look at it and examine the problem. Only surgery has a chance. Though do not expect perfection.

Samir Shureih, MD
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