Can permanent surgical stitches cause cysts like masses?

I just had a ventral hernia repaired. After two weeks of healing, there is a pebble size hard round lump at the top of the incision. My surgeon used permanent stitching to close the hernia. The area is not red but I am afraid it is forming a cyst or lump around the stitch. If this is the case, do they have to go back in now or should they wait until the scarring is better as the hernia area is still healing? I have contact my surgeons office but have not heard back.

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Firm areas after abdominal surgery

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Whether a hernia repair or tummy tuck, sutures are used deeply to close the muscle, muscle fascia, of subcutaneous tissue, and skin.  The deep repairs can have permanent sutures placed, but more superficial layers usually have absorbable sutures placed.
All sutures can get lumps around them, but the lumps can also be new scar tissue.  All can be more palpable initially, but most will resolve with time.  Be patient as it may take a year or so for the scar tissue to settle.  Removal is unlikely.

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