Is This Permanent Skin Damage Due to the Hematoma? (photo)

hi im 27 non smoker. had breast lift and augmentation with 700 cc silicon implants 2 months ago. i was diagnosed with a large hematoma under one breast but this was diagnosed too late. i have had no signs of infection YET. i am hoping to get surgery to remove the hematoma soon but am waiting on my loan. where the hematoma is, my skin is DARK BROWN and has not improved AT ALL. is this permanent? is there any surgery that can correct this? its very dark and covers almost half my breast. thanks .

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Permanent Skin Damage Due to Hematoma?

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Two months out you do not need to have this drained unless it is causing you any problems. It should dissolve on its own over time. It can take several months for the color to resolve. When blood is broken down by the body it goes through multiple color changes. That is why you will see a bruise turn black, blue, brown, and yellow. This process is occurring in your skin and some of the byproducts of your body getting rid of the blood clots will hang around for a while. I can't tell you how many months it will take, but it will resolve in time.

Is This Permanent Skin Damage Due to the Hematoma?

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Most of the discoloration looks like bruise, and most or all of that can be expected to resolve. Having retained hematoma is possibly contributing to a delay. 

Some of the dark brown pigment along the vertical incision looks like it may be  pigment from the areola. During a breast lift if the areolae are quite large, some of its darker skin cannot be removed for fear of  making the closure too tight, and that skin remains darkly pigmented. Usually it can be removed under local anesthesia after 6 months or so, but if you are going to surgery for hematoma drainage it probably can be removed at the that time. There may also be some on the other breast, though the photos are not quite good enough to tell.

Discuss this with your surgeon. Thanks for the question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Is This Permanent Skin Damage Due to the Hematoma?

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Are you serious that you have not had the hematoma removed?? Something does not compute here. Seek other opinions in person. 

Permanent skin damage from hematoma

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It it would be unusual to need to remove a hematoma 2 months later.  I agree that any bruising from that should go away by itself, but may take more months.  The darker skin is likely remaining areola skin and can be revised fairly easily after the swelling has resolved more.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

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