Permanent ptosis following Asian double eyelid surgery?

10 days post op-Dr said he adjusted muscle that lifts my eyelid so that it'll open wider. I did not have ptosis before. R eye is healing perfectly. L eye extremely swollen &bruised. My left eyelid now covers half my eye and even though edema continues to decline my eyelid position has not moved upwards by much. My crease also does not rest inside the fold like R side. Do you think permanent damage to my levator or superior tarsal muscles is possible? Will I need corrective surgery and when?

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Wait until it heals

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The left eye has obvious bad bruise, which makes it impossible to know how the eyelid will turn out after it heals. The best thing to do is to let it heal. If it turns out to be uneven, then you can consider revisional surgery.

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The big problem here is the bruise.

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Ouch. Agree the right eye looks great. The left eye not so much. However in fairness, bruising can occur in anyone's hands. It can undo even the best surgical results. The swelling can stretch the tissues and have an adverse effect on these delicate procedures. Will you need to have the left upper eyelid surgical revised? It is impossible to know right now. I have seen many, many situations like this were the eyelid healed beautifully. Unfortunately it does take much longer to heal. Generally I would not advise considering revision until 6 to 12 months after the original surgery. Don't be talked into surgery before this.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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