Is It a Permanent Overcorrection?

I had an otoplasty 3 days ago and I feel my ears are overcorrected, my doctor said it wil change in 1 month but i am not sure if it will really happen. Any experts answer me?

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Is It a Permanent Overcorrection?

Hi Wassimaj

3 days post-op is a little soon to be able to see the real results of the surgery. In my opinion it takes about 3-6 months to see full results.

However, there are many ways to remedy over correction such as with a Mastoid fascial graft or medphor grafts.

Hope this was helpful.


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Otoplasty Early Postoperative appearance.

Typically a mild degree of overcorrection is aimed for, accounting for approximately 5% of recoil expected postoperatively.  Although most patients look and feel great one week following surgery, the final result can be seen 6-8 months following surgery.  The best way to achieve optimal correction (woithout undue overcorrection or undercorrection) is to do with the first attempt.  Although revision surgery is possible and satisfying, it is always best to do the procedure just once. 

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