Permanent Numbness After Sliding Genioplasty or is It?

I had a sliding genioplasty years ago that left me with permanent nerve damage and my lower left bottom lip and the area around that is numb which has always really bothered me. What i was wondering though is when i push my fingers into this area i can feel a tingling sensation especially in my lip but soon as i take my fingers out it goes. Does this actually mean anything and is it possable to fix the numbness or is it just the nerve firing from above?

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Sliding Genioplasty

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It is possible what you are doing when you push on the area of the bone cut, you are releasing some pressure on the nerve. Which may mean the nerve is intact but is stretched or impenged upon.

You need to see your surgeon, after examination and may be a CT Scan to see where the bone cu is in relation to the nerve as it exits the bone. May be an exploration of the area will be needed to relief the pressure or streth on the nerve. The earlier this is done the more chance you have that the nerve function will come back. It could be too late and may not get back all the sensation.

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