Can You Have Permanent Makeup for Lips and then Have Injections?

Hi there, I am considering possibly having permanent makeup done on my lips since they are pale and I think having a natural but richer color would help make them look bigger and more defined. I am also considering getting lip injections if the color doesn't give me enough illusion of plump that I want. My question: Would it be possible to have the permanent makeup done then have injections a month(s) later if wanted? In the end I want natural, plumper, rosier lips. Thank you for your time!

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Permanent MakeUp and Injectable Fillers

YES you can have both! It is best to have your permanent make up performed FIRST. Reason being, the ink needs to deposit beneath the surface of the skin and if you already have injectable fillers they may block the ink from depositing. Make sure to choose a skilled permanent makeup artist with a good reputation. Best of luck to you.


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