How Can I Fix the Permanent Lumps and Bruising from my Smart Lipo?

I was in great shape, thin and toned despite a little flab on my arms. I had Smart Lipo on my arms. I had Smart Lipo 7 months ago for my arms and still have ugly lumps and bruising. I had ultrasound with arnica until the office staff said I had my maximum. My doctor said he could go in surgically and remove the scar tissue.

He suggested 3 sessions of Skintite which I had but now I realize that Skintite was a mistake and I question the rationale. I don't think it helped at all. They then started to do 2 more ultrasounds now at my request . Help!

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Scar treatment

I think it's time to go back to your surgeon to discuss the option of surgical removal of the scar tissue again. Obviously, this is the only way to really smooth out those lumps. Another suggestion is to go to another surgeon for a second opinion.

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SmartLipo Defects after SmartLipo are very common and I treat them often in my practice as referred by other doctors or patient self-referral. a few things for you to know: its very difficult to make the areas and scars look perfectly normal like it used to be. it can be made better though. correction of such defects requires expertise, patience and it can sometimes cost more than the procedure itself.

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Lumpiness after Smart Lipo depends upon how long it has been since your treatment


Lumpiness within a few weeks to months following Smartlipo is not uncommon. If the areas of concern are tender, it means that healing is still occuring and the lumps will shrink and resolve.

Lumps that you can feel 7 months after Smartlipo is most likely scar tissue that wont resolve unless surgically excised.

This comes from using fairly aggressive laser parameters. I would wait it out for a full 12 months before you are certain it is not going to resolve by itself and then re-evaluate.

Good Luck!

Douglas Hendricks, MD
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