Is This Permanent Indentation or Swelling? (photo)

i am 2 wks shy of hitting 4 mths post op, i had open rhinoplasty done & since day one the left side of my nose has seemed indented at the top but i was told to give swelling time to subside but it doesnt look like it's going to change as my nose feels completely flat and soft where the indentation is. what can i do to fix this? my nostril are also uneven but that doesn't bother me as much anymore.

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Indentation of nasal bone?

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The identation is difficult to see well in the photo but more than likely has to do with the nasal bone position.  Best to be seen in person.

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Is This Permanent Indentation or Swelling?

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   At 4 months this may represent swelling but this is probably due to one of the nasal bones being slightly lateral to the other at the superior aspect.  This is impossible to evaluate without an exam and without seeing preoperative pictures.   Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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