Can a Permanent Filler Be Removed?

I have a small lump on the bridge of my nose and although is not very noticable, it is to me and I can see it in shadowy lights. It feels like a small flattened lump when I touch it and was told to massage it when first used, but won't go. When I push on it or lie down in bed it seems to go away but always returns later. I really want it removed.

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 It was about 8 years ago, and the type I am not sure but Bioplastique rings a bell, but cannot remember

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Permanent filler

By permanent filler, I assume you mean ArteFill.  You did not say how long ago the filler was placed.  If it was placed in the last few months, I would not recommend doing anything yet.  It would be better to wait several months before you have it removed, because the only way to remove it will likely be with excision.  At that time you and your surgeon will need to assess what kind of result can be obtained.  You may then weigh the pros and cons of removal.

While permanent fillers sound very attractive to use, your outcome is my major concern with its use.  I would recommend that you obtain a few opinions from Board-Certified plastic surgeons after an examination before you make your decision.  Good luck.

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Can permanent filler be removed?

Permanent fillers usually need to be surgically removed.  Temporary fillers such as Juvederm, Radiesse, and Restylane will degrade slowly over time (usually over the course of several months to a year).  Sculptra bumps can be broken up with a needle or injected with saline to break them apart.  This requires consultation with the physician who placed your product.

Kristel D. Polder, MD
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Can a Permanent Filler Be Removed?

In your inquiry you did not mention the filler type, who injected it and when it was placed but it is obvious that it bothers you.

All of us love a bargain. Imagine if we won every contest or raffle we entered or picked a winning stock which never lost every time we ventured into the stock world. But - that is not reality. If everything we wrote was always perfect we would not need erasers at the ends of our pencils.

When we use permanent fillers we believe the same way we do when we willingly tattoo ourselves; that the result will be great and will never have to be erased. Unfortunately, if you have a poor result with a permanent filler, the poor result is largely permanent as well. In many cases the only way of removing a permanent filler is surgically excising it and leaving a visible scar, worse yet, a depression.

I would see several well regarded Plastic surgeons with this problem and learn your best options.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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