Permanent Eyeliner Flaked off Leaving Very Little Color After 1 Week?

I had permanent eyeliner applied to top and bottom lids. Color started flaking off after 3 days, by a week much of the color is gone. I contacted the technician that said that is very normal, and that it is the 2nd application or touchup that usually provides the best results and that the color stays put better. That doesn't make sense to me, but is it true that the 2nd ap stays adhered better than the first try?

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Permanent eyeliner didn't take- first round

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Unfortunately, permanent cosmetics frequently require "touch ups" or multiple additional procedures to achieve the desired results.  This may be due to the pigments or the way the individual reacts to the pigments.  I have seen this many times with many excellent technicians.

This is something that you should be informed of ahead of time so as to avoid the anxiety.

Permanent eyeliner

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Eyelid liner can be done under local anesthesia for comfort . The color is permanent, the thickness would depend on your desire. the color rarely if ever does not take or stay.

Technicians, are cheaper than plastic surgeons doing the eyeliner, BUT

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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