Permanent Eyeliner and Now NO Color!!??

I had permament eyeliner 10 days ago. The bottom looks good but I have absolutely no color on the top. It is like I never had it done! I did everything I was told to do for aftercare. What could have happened? I had a thick black line top and bottom and when it started flaking off, all the top came off. I never picked at it. I use restatis, could that have caused the top to not take? I am really bummed. If I have it done again, could it not take again. She had good before and after pics.

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No color after eyeliner tattoo

The body can sometimes reject pigment - it is worth trying it a second time to see if it "takes".  Follow the after care instructions provided to you to ensure the best possible results.  It is difficult to say if the restasis played a role given that your lower lid eyeliner stayed intact.  Usually drops instilled in the eye have more contact with the lower lid as this is where the tear meniscus lies.

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