Does Permanent Make-up Damage the Hair Follicles? (photo)

I'm concidering permanent make-up for eyebrows and upper eyelids. My eyelashes are sparse and hardly grow. I have basically no eyelashes on lower eye lids. Never had them there my whole life. I want fuller shaped eyebrows and not concerned too too much about how sparse they are as the permanent will hide that. More concerned with the upper eyelid. Does the proceedure of permanent eye makeup damage the follicles for lash growth? Is there a eye lash transplant? if so how is that done?

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Permanent Make-up and Eyelash Transplant

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Permanent eye makeup is unlikely to damage eyelash hair follicles if they are healthy.  By healthy, I mean producing a strong healthy hair.  However, if they are not, they could have an effect on eyelashes.  There is a procedure for eyelash transplant.  The results are sometimes not ideal because it is very difficult to get the transplanted hair to grow at the correct angle. 

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