Permalip with Piercings?

Hi I'm planning to get the permalip procedure done next year, but I'm wondering if it's possible I can have it done and keep my spiderbites piercings in? They are just a little under the lip not through it.

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Lip Piercings and PermaLip

It is unclear as to the exact location of your lip piercings so a photo is really needed. But if they are anywhere near the path of insertion of the implant, the risks of eventual implant problems is a concern. There should be a significant distance between the tunnel of the lip implant from passing through or around that of the piercing tunnel.

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Lip piercings and lip implants

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That's a tough one. Generally speaking any scar tissue in the area of dissection when placing a lip implant or any implant for that matter can cause some difficulty with the surgery. It may not be an issue but it could also translate into some minor or significant irregularities of the lip after the implant is placed and it may be a few weeks or months before you could tell for sure from the time the implant was placed. Certainly one review this with your surgeon and maybe get a few consults before proceeding.

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