Will Perlane Last Longer Because I Got 2 Syringes?

I went to a plastic surgeon to get a filler in my lips and smile lines. Due to miscommunication on my part he gave me a syringe on each side instead of half on each side and one for my lips. I was wondering since I got 2 syringes will it last longer? Normally, I only get one.

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Perlane in the lips

Assuming you had one syringe per side of your mouth, it doesn't necessarily mean the product will last longer, but certainly will provide more fullness or volume than you're used to if it is typically one syringe split for both sides.

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Will more last longer

Each molecule of the hyaluronic acid filler will still dissolve at the same speed so it will not last any longer

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Will Perlane last longer because I got 2 syringes?

Having additional Perlane will not make it last longer but getting closer to full correction will cause you to be happier with your treatment for a longer period of time.  If have partial correction as it wears off you will likely metabolize enough so that you don't see any change from you baseline.  Conversely,  if you have more injected as it metabolizes you will still have enough material to still show improvement over your baseline.

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Will Perlane Last Longer Because I Got 2 Syringes?

  It might look like the Perlane is lasting longer when a full correction, or augmentation is performed but in reality the Perlane last the same amount of time which IMO is about 8-9 months.  Remeber that there's no inherent  magic in Perlane or any filler.  The magic resides in the MD's ability to understand and follow the proper aesthetics of facial beauty when performing facial contouring and facial shaping whether with fillers or implants.  The right filler, in the right place used in the proper amount creates natural beauty...when it's not...not so much.

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Full Correction And Proper Timing Of Re-Treatment Is The Key To Long-Lasting Results With Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Yes, assuming proper product placement, there is a good chance that you will see improved results in terms of the appearance and longevity of your Perlane treatment. Providing full correction of volume loss is the key to a successful, long-lasting soft tissue filler result. To provide full correction of the nasolabial folds (NLFs) the average patient requires one or more syringes (>1cc) of hyaluronic acid filler for each NLF.

The controlled US clinical study (MA-1400-02) evaluating Perlane for correction of the NLFs showed that most patients required between 1.9cc and 4.6cc to provide full correction. This volume includes the initial treatment as well as an allowed touch-up treatment 2 weeks later (for those that needed it) to ensure full correction. At 6 months, 63% of the participants maintained at least a 1-point improvement (>1 unit of improvement) over baseline in the Wrinkle Severity Rating Scale.

Another important factor necessary to achieve a long-term and consistent result is the timing of additional treatments (timing of re-treatments). It is important to have follow-up treatments at a time when they can be used to build upon some of the product that remains from the previous treatment. Once full correction has been achieved with the initial procedure(s), this re-treatment is probably best done between 5 – 7 months depending upon the area treated, and patient preference. Re-treating at this time frame will require about half as much filler volume, compared to what was used for the initial correction, and the subsequent result will last much longer.

The controlled US clinical study (MA-04-003) evaluated the duration of effectiveness of Restylane, for correction of the NLFs, when re-treatment was performed within a 4.5 to 9 month time frame. Participants received an initial Restylane treatment (average 1.1cc per NLF); 59% of those then had a touch-up (average 0.5cc per NLF) two weeks later to bring them to full correction. Therefore each participant required about 1.1cc to 1.6cc to reach full correction. One NLF was then re-treated at 4.5 months and the other NLF was re-treated at 9 months; the average volume for re-treatment was 0.7cc per NLF. At 18 months after the initial treatment 97% of the NLFs re-treated at 4.5 months, and 95% of the NLFs re-treated at 9 months, displayed at least a 1-point improvement over baseline in the Wrinkle Severity Rating Scale. At this 18 month time frame, the average (mean) change in the wrinkle severity score was 1.7 units for the NLFs re-treated at 4.5 months, and 1.6 units for the NLFs re-treated at 9months. This demonstrates the benefits these fillers have when used properly.

I hope you find this helpful. Best wishes. Ken Dembny

Kenneth Dembny, II, MD
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It is likely that you will be happier with the treatment for a longer period of time.

These services are expensive.  As a result doctors and patients generally do not use enough filler for a particular situation.  Having an additional milliliter of filler is likely to be very helpful and yes this will directly contribute to you being happy with the treatment for a longer period of time.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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