If Perlane is Injected Too Superficially Does It Take Longer to Break Down Than if It Were Injected Correctly?

I had perlane injections 6 months ago in marionette and nose to mouth lines. It was injected too superficially and i have little clumps of filler and grey hue. I want to let this go away naturally as i had a bad reaction to the perlane and do not want anything else injected. My question is - if i leave this to go away will it take longer than normal to break down because it is in the wrong layer of my skin and how long would it realistically take? I am running out of patience!

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Perlane and tyndall affect

You should return to the original provider to see if they can remove it for you. It's not an uncommon occurrance for this to happen when the product is injected superficial.

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Perlane injected too superficially

It is likely that superficially placed Perlane will last longer than if deeply injected.  It has the potential to last for a year or more.  You should consider seeing an experienced injector to have it dissolved with hyaluronidase.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
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If Perlane is Injected Too Superficially Does It Take Longer to Break Down Than if It Were Injected Correctly?

 I perform quite a bit of facial shaping and contouring using Perlane, Radiesse and Implants.  IMHO, the Perlane will dissolve completely within 9 months and the grey appearance is the actual Perlane within the layers of the skin...which is too superficial for this filler.  Being superficially placed will not make the Perlane last any longer.

  Perlane and Radiesse are meant to be injected deeper within the fatty tissues of the face.  It's always my advice to just let the filler dissolve on its own and then start over with an MD that understands and follows the proper sesthteics of facial beauty for the creation of a naturally, more attrcative face. 

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Perlane injected too superficially

I applaud your decision to let the implant dissolve away naturally.  Injection with enzyme or other treatment my prolong your recovery.  I agree with a brief massage of the area daily to "help" it along.  Good luck!

Lawrence Kass, MD
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Removing Perlane

You can remove Perlane quite easily with small injections of hyaluronidase because Perlane is an HA filler. However, if you want it to go away naturally, that's fine too. Perlane is a thicker molecule than Restylane and more often needs to be injected a bit deeper. I like to use it more in deeper lines like the NLF lines or in the upper cheeks to build more natural, softer cheeks. I don't usually use it in the marionette lines because I've found it's a bit too thick for that area. My assumption is that this is where you are having the superficiality problems. Perlane lasts about 8-12 months for most people. It shouldn't take longer to go away if it's injected more shallowly, but you shouldn't press on it a lot because that can aggravate the tissue around the clumps of filler and make them look worse. If you want to leave it alone, do just that and you should start seeing it resolve over the coming months. If you want it to go away faster you can always get hyaluronidase, which I would recommend, and is an easy procedure, that will help tremendously with the larger pockets of the filler.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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Perlane - How to expedite its dissolution.

Perlane is a deep dermal filler. It generally lasts for about 12 months when placed correctly. Fillers that are placed more superficially or in more mobile areas tend to metabolize faster. 


Following are the options to expedite the dissolution of the Perlane keeping in mind your preferences:

a. Regular massage to the involved area - A two minute massage to the area every time you wash your face or apply any products.

b. Fractional Laser treatment of the injected area - Capable of dissolving the dermal filler with an added advantage of improving your lines and folds in the long term.

c. Injection of Hyaluronidase - Done by your Cosmetic physician. Dissolution is achieved in 24-48 hours.


Keep looking beautiful.

Niketa Sonavane, MD, MBBS
India Dermatologist
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Perlane may take longer than 6 months to go away.

Perlane lasts longer than Restylane, anywhere between 6 and 12 months, so let's say, an average of 9 months. A superficial placement may or may not influence the duration to break down - I have noticed both instances in different patients. You mentioned that you are averse to any more injections. But I think that this is a good instance for hyaluronidase to come in. Instead of waiting, and being worried during the wait, the hyaluronidase injection would do it in one session for you. All the best!

Renita (Lourdhurajan) Rajan, MD, DNB
India Dermatologist
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