Periodic Burning Sensation in Right Nipple Normal?

I had a BL with no implants Oct/12. I love my results, scars are very minimal. Sensation isn't as good as it was prior but I am hoping more will return. My concern is I will get a burning sensation in my right nipple every now and then. I almost always get it if I run (I'm not a runner but if the event I run, it burns). Other than that, no redness, swelling, pain whatsoever. Is this normal, part of the regeneration of nerves? Thanks in advance!

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Nipple discomfort after a breast lift

It sounds like you have some nerve regeneration sensation that should resolve with time.  You should be examined by your plastic surgeon to be sure there is nothing else going on however.

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Periodic Burning Sensation in Right Nipple Normal?

Not uncommon is a better term than "normal."  At seven months I would expect continued improvement in return of sensation, and decreasing abnormal sensations. All the best. 

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Burning Sensation in Healing Tissues Post-operatively. Is this normal?

After many plastic surgical procedures, there is often a change in skin sensation. Hypersensitivity after breast surgery always resolves over time and is not a concern.  Hyposensitivity or numbess may occur, but is not always permanent. IN a case where the nerve is still intact and not functioning normally, sensation will always return and will usually be normal.  If the nerve has been "injured" during the procedure (and there are many different levels of injury), sensation usually returns over time. At 7 months, there is still a reasonable chance that sensation will return and may infact even be normal. 
Most importantly, at this point there is nothing that can be done medically or surgically to accelerate the process of recovery.  Best advice here is to be patient and follow the recovery process of your nerves.  Believe it or not, the fact that you occasionally get a burning sensation is actually a positive attribute in this situation.  Best of luck. 

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