How to Tell if a Periareolar Breast Lift Was Done if Results Are Lacking?

I had a periareolar lift plus breast augmentation done. I want to know what signs should there be to prove that a lift was actually done? Should the collarbone to nipple measurement be a shorter distance then pre surgery? Incisions were made through my areolas but my measurements are still the same and my upper pole practically has the same amount of lacking as before surgery so how will I know a donut lift was performed?

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Periareolar Breast Lift Will Show A Scar Around The Areola

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Thank you for your queswtion. There should be an obvious scar around your areola after a  Periareolar Breast Lift.

The lack of superior fullness may be due to the use of a smaller breast implant than was necessary, too large a breat implant pocket or inadequate removal of lower pole skin to lift the lower pole of the breast.

See your Plastic Surgeon and express your concerns and disappointment.

Breast Lift Performed?

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If a circumareolar breast lift was performed,  there will be a scar around the areola. Often, the areola will also be smaller in size.  Of course, your plastic surgeon will also be able to inform you of exactly what procedure was performed;  assuming you're working with a reputable plastic surgeon there should be no reason to doubt.

Best wishes.

Was periareolar lift done?

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Without examining you and seeing some photos your questions cannot be answered. Do you have a scar all the way around your areola? do you trust your surgeon?  I suspect you do and I doubt your surgeon did not perform the surgery you discussed.   The question are you unhappy with the results and were you a good candidate for the surgery. Have you discussed this with your surgeon?  A periareolar lift has limited applications and with limited scarring produces a small lift.

Richard Linderman, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

Breast lift and results

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I would assume that if your doctor stated he did a lift, then he did so.  You would have scars around your areola.  A true breast lift usually requires some manipulation of the breast parenchyma tissue.

Circumareolar breast lift lacks results

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The circumareolar lift should be used for:1.minimal ptosis (1 to 2 centimeter lift). 2. Minor asymmetries. 3. Smaller breasts. Upper pole fullness usually  requires: 1.Internal tightening of the breast gland itself 2. Perhaps a larger implant. 3. Frequently a more standard lift which usually includes skin removel beneath the areola.

Breast lift will leave incision marks

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Each patient who has a lift has incisions in the areas where the lift was done.  So in the fold between the breast and the chest, on the front of the breast from the bottom of the pigmented areola to the fold, and around the nipple.  The size of the pigmented areola is reduced normally as well.

Should see "some" change

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One easy way to determine if you had a periareolar lift is that there is a suture line around the entire nipple areola complex. Additionally, the width of the nipple areola complex is usually smaller. Once the healing is complete the distance from the sternal notch to the nipple should be different (shorter).

Visit with your surgeon and discuss your concerns with him/her.


Periareolar lifts have a scar all the way around the areola

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The way to tell if a periareolar lift was done is to see if you have a full scar all the way around the areola. There are differences in patient's bodies and in surgeon's talents and training. There are also limits on how much lift you can get from a periareolar lift. Without pre and post photos of you we can't really say anymore than that.

Breast lift and implants

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Implants alone may make the collarbone to nipple reduction longer. Therefore an implant and lift performed at the same time may produce no net change in this measurement. Generally you can tell if this was done if there is a scar that goes all the way around the areola.

Disappointing results after breast augmentation with lift

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It's surprising to hear that you still lack fullness along the upper pole of your breasts - usually breast implants alone help correct this. If a circumareolar lift was performed, the nipple areolar complex should be higher on the breast mound. In addition, depending on their size prior to surgery, they should be smaller and round.

If you submit photos, it will be easier to assess your results and whether a lift was performed.

All the best.

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