I Had a Periaerola Incision with a Beneli Lift and It Looks Like Theres Two Incision Marks? (photo)

Im really worried i took off the stero strips and my.nipple looks horrible im so sad :( will this heal . My stitches are dissolvable and im a week and two days post op .

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Concerned about scar after periareolar breast lift

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I always warn my patients that their incision after a periareolar lift will look bad initially.  In fact, whenever I do one of these procedures, I always swear I'm never going to do another one!  We cover them up with steri-strips for a week so that no one can look at them.  In the end, they always smooth out and look great, so stick with it.  The inner "crease" that you see is probably some puckering from the dissolvable stitches that your doctor used and will smooth out over time.  I imagine that, if you ask him about it, he will confirm that.

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Benelli lift

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The early stages of  the healing process can show irregular edges of the wound, but as days keep going by , your incision should get smooth . It will take at least one more week for swelling to reduce leading  the incision  to reshape and look better every day.

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Periareolar Incision

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Your incision is perfectly normal for this time point after surgery. As stated by others, the irregularities will smooth out over the next couple of months.

Looks Like There are Two Incision Marks?

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I see on incision (at the color change from flesh to brown) and some indentations due to sutures. The lateral will disappear as these sutures dissolve during the upcoming weeks. 

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Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Temporary contour abnormalities common after periareolar breast augmentation.

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The picture demonstrates the crease secondary to swelling after the periareolar surgery. This is not a second incision. It will disappear as the swelling subsides.

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