Peri-areolar Incision Hardening on Inside of Right Breast Only at 6 weeks

I am 6 weeks today from getting my BA I am an out of town patient and I have not seen my BA since the surgery. I have been massaging my breast and noticed that my right breast areola is not as centered as my left breast, so I started massaging that breast a little bit more. The last 2 days I noticed that the bottom of incision is tender and hardening inside the breast a good amount, but I do not feel it in my left breast. What can this be? I fly to see my surgeon maybe in 2-3weeks..what to do?

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Scar thickening six weeks postop

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Wound healing is a continuum. Scars tend to get red, thick and hard for up to three months and then start to soften, flatten and fade in color. This process can take a year or two. Likely, what you are experiencing is normal and will improve with time. If your are having fevers, swelling or other problems with your breast then another problem may be arising. You should speak with your surgeon about breast massage as to their use or not. Also, if you are really concerned, you should see a plastic surgeon in your area to evaluate your concerns.

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Breast augmentation scars

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Most likely explanation - thickening from vigorous massage.

Why? At six weeks, healing shifts from proliferation phase to remodeling phase. Proliferation strengthens the wound with thick protein. Remodeling removes extra protein. Your increased massage probably signaled your body to make more thick protein. 

Result? Thicker scar. Ask your surgeon's office for massage advice. No need to wait 'til you see him/her in person. 

Breast scars

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Usually the scars are maximally firm at 6-8 weeks and also maximally red. If you are concerned, you should talk to your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
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See Your Surgeon for Evaluation

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While the symptoms you describe may be normal variations in healing, they may also be early signs of a problem.

It is common to notice differences between the breasts softness and position, and even differences in the incisions. Often times, these are normal variations, because healing may not be symmetric.

However, it is critically important to have the expertise of your surgeon to evaluate those differences to determine if they are innocent or signs of a problem requiring timely intervention.

While it may be inconvenient, even costly, to see your surgeon because you are out of town, a complication leading to a bad outcome can be much more costly.

Don't wait. Call your surgeon right away.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
Denver Plastic Surgeon
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