Have you performed additional Vanquish treatments over and above 4-5 treatments with additional loss of inches/circumference?

I'm just completing my 5th Vanquish treatment with a two inch loss and I'm considering additional treatments as I have more to lose. I haven't seen any information posted online regarding benefits of getting additional treatments over and above 4-5. Is it worth it to get more? Is it safe?

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Treating Safely with Vanquish

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Vanquish is an  FDA-approved treatment for circumferential reduction by destroying  targeted subcutaneous fat. ,   Results with vary with patients. At some point, if not enough subcutaneous fat is recognized, then the Vanquish will be unable to tune into the respective area . 

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Treating Targeted Areas with Vanquish

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Any body contouring treatment that is FDA-approved , is studied for its safety and effectivenss. This included the number of treatments and the length of treatments recommended. Naturally, there can always be a variance from patient to patient.
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Do more Vanquish treatments help?

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Great question!  We routinely do 5 treatments on all of our patients and we see them back at two months for photo follow ups.  Patients are uniformly happy with their results and often opt to add additional treatments to fine tune their results.  It is safe to do as long as nothing has changed in the medical history that would be a contraindications.

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Vanquish repeated

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Absolutely. the machine works until there is the minimum fat left under the skin. Usually patients stop before that point. It is hard to guess how many treatments it will take to get to that point.
It is very exciting, now that I have both the Coolsculpting and the Vanquish machines. I believe that you can do almost as well as liposuction with multiple machine treatments. The happy patients prove that.
We also just started using the brand new Coolsculpting machine that treats saddlebags and thighs. The handle cavers a larger area, without grabbing the skin.

Ahmet R. Karaca, MD
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Considerations for Additional Vanquish Treatments

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We have been using Vanquish for non surgical fat reduction and body contouring for about 9 months in our practice. Results have been excellent and are dependent upon careful patient selection, staff training and treatment consistency.  We have definitely experienced improved results with extending the treatments beyond the standard 4-5 protocol.
The improvement is also affected by the patient's body type including fatty distribution and tissue laxity.  We have seen significant improvement in select patients by adding Exilis Elite treatments simultaneously to Vanquish therapy.  Careful documentation and consistent hydration before and after treatment are also fundamental to obtaining optimal results.  Healthy lifestyle choices including proper calorie restriction and regular exercise are also emphasized.

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