Who Should Perform Orthognathic Surgery, Specifically a LeFort I Osteotomy?

A maxillofacial surgeon or a plastic surgeon? Are braces always necessary afterwards?

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In my opinion, an oral maxillofacial surgeon is preferable to a plastic surgeon for orthognathic procedures because an oral-maxillo surgeon is trained specifically on the lower part of the face while a plastic surgeon is trained on the entire face.  In my practice I routinely receive referrals from other plastic surgeons who do not feel comfortable performing orthognathic procedures.  Typically I recommend finding a board certified oral maxillofacial surgeon who is also board certified in plastic surgery as well.  In regards to your other question, braces are not always required but without a physical examination I cannot offer an opinion as to whether or not you would need orthodontic treatment before surgery.  Continue your research on RealSelf to find the right board certified oral maxillofacial surgeon for you.  Then schedule a consultation to confirm that a LeFort I is the best procedure to help you get the look you wish to achieve.  Your board certified surgeon can also refer you to an orthodontist that is experienced in treating patients who are candidates for orthognathic surgery.

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