Can You Perform Fat Grafting if You Got Cheek Implants Already?

because i am losing fat around implants and they are becoming more visible year after year

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Fat transfer/grafting can be done after implant surgery

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Yes, Fat grafting after cheek implants (actually any type of implant) can be done and is often used to "soften the edges" around and over the implant giving a more natural appearance.

Fat grafting to the cheek with implants

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Yes, you can have fat grafted around cheek implants. It is common to lose fat in the face as one ages making cheek implants become more visible. The fat will be grafted in multiple layers around the implants to help camouflage them and restore the face to a more youthful appearance. Chances are, if you are losing fat in the cheeks, you are losing it from other areas of your face as well, like around the brows, temples, eyes, chin, lips etc... These areas can be grafted with fat at the same time. Good luck to you!

Fat Grafting Around Cheek Implants

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There should be no problem doing fat grafting with cheek implants. The implants are down at the bone level while fat injections would be placed under the skin in the fat layer above the implants. The use of both techniques for cheek and midface augmentation is not rare and can be quite effective.

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Fat grafting with cheek implants

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You can have fat grafting (or other types of fillers) placed in the cheeks after having had cheek augmentation with implants.  The reason you can do this is that the implants are placed in a deeper pocket, on top of the bone.  The fat (or any other filler) would be placed in a different layer, which would be above (or more superficial) to the implant.  This is not an uncommon procedure. 

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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