Perforated Septum From Sutent- Options?

My husband is in the 3rd week of his second cycle of Sutent 50 mg daily (4 wks on / 2 wks off) taken for stage 4 RCC. He had a radical left nephrectomy in July 2010 - now has mets to the lungs, adrenal glands, liver, lymph nodes and 1 brain tumor treated by Cyberknife in Oct 2011. He seems to have developed a perforated septum over the past month, perforation is now larger than a pencil eraser end. How can this be treated?

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Perforated Septum From Sutent- Options?

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There are a couple of ways of treating perforated nasal septum.  Of course, one option is to do nothing.  Depending on the size of the perforation, a tissue graft can be taken from behind the ear, mucosal flap of tissue, or a “septal button” can also be utilized. 

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