Pefectha for Dark Circles and Wrinkles?

Are any doctors here familiar with a wrinkle filler called Perfectha? How long does it last? Does it cause bumps? Is it a good option for dark circles?

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Non approved fillers in the US

I am not aware that Perfectha is approved for use in the United States for any cosmetic use whatsoever. Thus, its efficacy, function, side effects, complications, duration etc. etc. has not been formally evaluated, and use of this would be largely unpredictable. Using these products to "save money" or "get better results" would be suspect at this point.

There are numerous products used successfully in Europe and South America for many years before they are approved for use in the US, but often they are required to undergo modifications prior to their introduction here in the States. There are even more products used that NEVER get approval in the US. Thus, unless you don't mind being part of the "study group" determining what is good or bad about a particular product - wait until there is more information about the filler before you decide to have someone inject this in your face - this isn't an area most people would be willing to gamble with.

Vincent Marin, MD

San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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