Percision Md/Dermaceutic Peel - Will they help with Melasma?

I did Cosmelan Regulayr back in November for the 5th time over a five yr period and this time my melasma dis not respond to it. IM ON hq8% and my melasm is not responding to that. Ive heard heard about the Dermaceutic Peel by Prescision Md, does anyone have any success stories? Any docs in oc or bh area or manhattan beach that offer that?

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Peels for Melasma

Hi SB13.  Melasma, as you know, can be a very difficult condition to manage.  Although peels can offer some good results, they tend to be a bit more expensive than our option.  We do not have experience with the Precision Peel, but we do have much experience with Cosmelan and the problem with that product is that it is reconstituted in the US after being imported from Spain and the quality control is not good.  That's why sometimes it does not work well.

Our solution is not a peel but an 8% liquid solution.  We find this solution to work better than other 4%, 6% or even 8% hydroquinone solutions because it is NOT a cream.  It easily penetrates and works very, very well to control even difficult to manage Melasma.  For examples of the types of patients we have been able to help, you can view the pictures at the link below. 

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