Allergic Reaction to Sculptra, Any Other Options Other than Steroids for Recovering? Is this Common?

I suffered an allergic reaction to Sculptra seven months after the second treatment. I have been on steroids ever since. Each time the steroids are reduced, the reaction flares up and I have to increase them again. I want to know if there is any way of resolving this problem.

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Reaction to Sculptra.

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Than you for your question.

True allergy to L-polylactic acid (Sculptra) is extremely rare. However granulamatous reactions ( lumpiness) is relatively common. The latter is normally treated with intralesional steroid and collagenase injections and massging. True allegic reaction is treated like any allergy with anti-histamines, steroids, immunomodulators. As Sculptra is broken down naturally after 24 months, allergy wears off. Naturally you cannot have any more of this treatment in the future.

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