Percentage of Bad Liposuction Results?

Hi. I'm 46 (no kids). I was effortlessly thin...till 41. Gained 10 lbs mostly in middle. One day, I'm sold on Liposuction, the next I read a horrifying review (even with certified surgeons).

I care more about what I look like naked than with clothes. Assuming I have a good dr., is there any way to gauge my chances? How common is the loose, uneven result? What percentage of women end up with loose skin, lumpiness with tummy lipo?

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No Lipo

After reviewing your photo, I believe the majority of your problems are from loose or stretched muscle. You can try some core strengthening exercises. If that doesn't work (I don't think it will), you may be consider a mini tummy tuck It all depends on how stretched the muscles are which can only be fully appreciated by through an examination by a plastic surgeon. I don't see alot of extra fat that can be removed by liposuction; it could potentially make it worse.

I see alot of patients with similar findings... half choose mini TT and the other half choose a modified full TT. The majority are very satisfied with their results.

Melbourne Plastic Surgeon
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Abdominal wall fullness: liposuction +/- muscle repair

It is difficult to tell from this picture but you seem to have good skin tone and relatively little fatty tissue. It appears that the vast majority of your abdominal appearance and fullness is partly due to inadequate muscle tone. I would recommend that you first try a course of core strengthening excercises such as Pilates or Yoga. I think that you will see significant improvements with no scars. The other possiblity is that you have a congenital rectus diastasis. This could improve with muscle surgery but liposuction would do little by itself to improve your result.

Have you shceduled a consultation, yet?

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction of abdomen helps if fat is between skin and muscle.


1) You have a bulge in your tummy.  You need to be examined.  If the bulge is due to fat under the skin, you are an ideal candidate for liposuction.  You have no loose skin. Lumpiness is caused by bad technique.

2)  There are plenty of bad liposuction results.  Most of them can be prevented by good diagnosis and good  technique.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Results oriented liposuction

The only way to know if you would have loose skin after liposuction would be to have a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon.  The key to liposuction is not the amount of fat removed it is the amount of fat that remains and the quality of the skin.  Poor skin elasticity will yield a poor result.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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