Will People Other Than Doctors Be Able to Do Cellulaze.

If a person find an office or clinic that offers Cellulaze can they assume they have been well trained by the company that offers Cellulaze, or will the company sell their machines to any office, clinic, or med-spa?

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Will people other than doctors be able to offer Cellulaze cellulite treatment?

Only medical doctors can perform Cellulaze treatments on cellulite. Depending on the State, these doctors may or may not have been trained in plastic surgery specifically. So for instance, in California, any doctor with an M.D. can purchase a Cellulaze / SmartLipo machine and be trained by Cynosure to use it.

As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performs Cellulaze treatments, I can tell you that the skills I have acquired over 25 years of cosmetic plastic surgery are useful. The Cellulaze machine is an amazing technology but my experience with liposuction, and other plastic surgery procedures definitely come in handy when executing the procedure to get the best results. Cellulaze is a tri-laser device that goes under the skin to carefully treat the causes of cellulite. It's a little like working in sculpture with futuristic tools. Not everyone who buys a mallet and chisel can fashion a beautiful sculpture out of marble.

No matter who you go to who owns the Cellulaze technology it will be an M.D. who will have been trained by the company. But another thing to consider is the cost will be roughly the same whether the doctor is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or a gynecologist. If I were going to spend my money, I'd want to be sure I was getting the best results from the treatment and in my opinion, your best bet for great results is going to be from a plastic surgeon who is Board Certified.

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Surgeons perfroming Cellulaze

Cellulaze, despite the fact that it is minimally invasive, is real surgery and should only be performed by a surgeon well qualified to do so.  If you see Cellulaze, or any procedure you are interested in, advertised somewhere NEVER make the assumption that the person performing it is qualified just because they have the technology or offer it.  Always check the qualifications and training of your surgeon.  Your choices may effect not only your outcome and quality of results but your overall health and life.  Getting a better deal somewhere else may not be a better outcome in the end.

Choose wisely. It's worth it.

Good luck~

Dr. Grant Stevens

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Will People Other Than Doctors Be Able to Do Cellulaze.

NO! This is a real operation, not a non invasive therapy. Would you let a dental technician fill a cavity? No you would not. Than do not think this operation can be done by any but doctors. Specifically boarded Plastic Surgeons or Cosmetic Surgeons. I find the learning curve is very very high. And if your Cellulaze doctor also has been doing Smart Lipo Triplex than they are ready to go much faster than a doc who has not been doing Smart Lipo. Do your homework check each CELLULAZE doc out. Go to Cellulaze.com or Call CYNOSURE for a physician referral. Regards Dr. Darryl J. Blinski, MIAMI 

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Be sure you have a good surgeon

When you go for your consultation make sure that the Doctor has the appropriate training in order to do this procedure. Ask questions to make sure you are in the best hands.

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Cellulaze is for board certified surgeons

Hello and thanks for the question.  In order to maintain the quality of the procedure, Cynosure is very strict on who can actually be trained and purchase the Cellulaze machine.  This is an invasive procedure and is not merely injecting a filler into the face.   I would recommend seeking a consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience with the procedure to get a better understanding of what is involved.  Best of luck and I hope this helps.  Robert Kratschmer, MD board certified in Plastic Surgery

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Cellulaze Practicioners

Before you go in for a consultation with a physician, make sure you do your research on cellulite laser treatments. Ask them about their certifications and qualifications to perform Cellulaze treatments and how many Cellulaze procedures they have done. Ask to see photos of other patients' results and to talk to other patients they have treated with Cellulaze. For a qualified practitioner in your area, go to the Cellulaze website and use their physician locator.

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Who can perform Celulaze?

Cellulaze is definitely an invasive procedure and in the state of Texas this is something a physician would be qualified to perform. The laser is not being sold to any physician that wants to buy it. For one to obtain the laser one has to undergo training beforehand and this is not easy to get. The best situation is to have a Board Certified physician that has experience with laser technology and liposuction. I have been fortunate to get trained by the physician who has the largest experience with Cellulaze.

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Who can perform Cellulaze

Only licensed physicians will be able to perform Cellulaze procedures.  My recommendation is to find a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery for your cellulite treatment.

Dr. Basu

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C. Bob Basu, MD, FACS
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Only Doctors can perform Cellulaze

Cellulaze is a surgical procedure although minimally invasive.  It would be unsafe and not legal for a non-physician to perform surgery.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeons with experience in laser assisted liposuction have the best background for the safe and effective performance of Cellulaze.

Mario Diana, MD
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Only physicians can perform Cellulaze treatments.

Only physicians can perform cellulaze treatments.  However the company cannot restrict the purchase of the equipment to certain physicians.  It is therefore up to the consumer to ask very pointed questions of their doctor for Cellulaze (or any other cosmetic) treatment.

You should ask your doctor:

  1. What are you board certified in?  (There are only 15 certifications recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.  If they use anything other than the term "plastic surgeon" then that certification is not recognized by the ABMS)
  2. What was your residency training in and how long was it?  (The residency training should match the board certification.  If it does not then they are being deceptive in some way.  Also residency training programs are measured in years, not weekends or hours.)

As a board certified plastic surgeon with a busy cosmetic practice in Salt Lake City, Utah I am the first to bring this technology to the state.  Patients need to know their doctor's training and specialty so you can make an informed decision regarding your care.

Richard H. Fryer, MD
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