How Often Do People Have a 2nd Surgery for Asian Monolids?

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Frequency of second surgery for Asian eyelid surgery

Asian eyelid surgery has a learning curve that is longer than the usual upper eyelid surgery. The most common problem is a missed pre-existing asymmetry or ptosis which requires resurgery. In older patients, the effect of a loose brow must be considered much more carefully. Because Asian skin is thicker, there is a greater tendency toward undesired extra creases ("triple fold") to develop inadvertently. Therefore, Asian upper eyelid surgery requires much more precision (than the usual upper eyelid surgery) the first time around in order to reduce the risk of having to do it again.

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Usually a 2nd surgery for asian monolids is not necessary

Usually it’s not necessary.  But, it depends on the kind of procedure that was done.  The stitch procedure, where you just put in stitches and do no cutting, can often result in a second surgery being necessary.

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I do a lot of fixing of other people's Asian eyelid surgeries.

This is unfortunately a surgery that is often done improperly.  This necessitates reoperation.  This is unfortunate because well designed, Asian eyelid surgery is highly successful with a very high rate of satisfaction.  

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