Can People Suffer from a Mascara Allergy Use Latisse?

I have an allergy to mascara and would love to know if this would prevent me from trying Latisse. Does Latisse share ingredients found in most mascaras? Also, I am wondering how much dry eye/irritation occurs in patients? I also suffer from dry eye and have to use drops daily in my eyes. Thanks for the input!

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Mascara and Latisse are 2 different products.

Mascara and Latisse are 2 different products. It is worth attempting the use of Latisse. However, if your eyelids are sensitive you may have to discontinue use of the product. 


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Latisse and mascara allergy

Mascara allergies are usually caused by the dyes used and Latisse does not contain dye.  Try using the Latisse at night and your lubricating drops during the day.  Many patients use Latisse because they do not wish to use mascara.

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Can People Suffer from a Mascara Allergy Use Latisse?

It is very unlikely that you will be allergic to Latisse in relation to your mascara allergy as they do not have shared ingredients. There is a possibility that you could have dry eyes however this is unlikely.

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If I have mascara allergies, can I use Latisse

There aren't common ingredients between mascaras and Latisse. Latisse is a topical liquid that is applied to upper lids. It doesn't have color or dye, which is what most people who have mascara allergies have issues with. It's hard to tell you if you would or would not have a problem with dry eyes, irritation, etc. but I can say that I've sold thousands of bottles of Latisse in my office and returned 5 bottles total for irritation and redness, and none for dry eyes. Many people who have makeup allergies love Latisse because they can get long, pretty lashes without the irritation and redness from makeup.

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