Why Do Some People See No Results from Liposuction Even Though There is Clearly Excess Fat Present?

I had VASER lipo for buttock reduction and see almost no reduction even though there is absolutely excess fat present. Why would this not work if the procedure was done correctly? I am considering a getting the procedure redone with another surgeon but am not sure if it will be another disappointment. Thanks!

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Less than ideal results after liposuction

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The results of liposcution are not purely dependent on the amount of fat present or removed. YOur body shape is determined by your skin quality, muscle condition, fat and skeleton. Any of these factors can be responsible for a less than idea result after liposucition.

Visible results from liposuction

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Visible results can take months to see after liposuction. It's not just the fat removed (and you can ask your surgeon how much was removed) but the way in which the skin and dermis retract down against the deeper tissues.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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