Why People Remove Silicone Fillers from the Nose in Advanced Ages?

I'm a 27 year old male wanting to do rhinoplasty. However i'm afraid that later on in life i would have to remove silicone fillers because of the decrease in the volume and necrosis or other skin problems. I really want to know if there are many elder people doing silicone removing surgery and if the the removing surgery resulted ok. Thank you for your attention. :)

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Don't do silicone injections to your nose.

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While it is true that in some surgeons hands silicone injections can be effective, the vast majority of surgeons would recommend against this option because of the potential very serious complications. Autogenous grafting material is preferable.

Most experienced surgeons have seen complications from silicone injections in various parts of the body, including the nose. Removal is very difficult because there may be scarring and spreading over a wide area with time. If you want a simple though temporary fix, try Radiesse or another non-silicone filler.


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