Can People with Keloids Do Fraxel Treatment? (photo)

i am Asian descent. my situation is quite complicated. i have three keloids on my chest which were caused by the pimple. and there are many acne scarring on my face. so i want to find a treatment to remove the acne scarring on my face. and i heard the fraxel laser is effective. But i really worrys that will the fraxel laser cause keloids on my face which will be a more serious which treatment is suit for me?

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If you havw problems with keloids, Fraxel Restore1550 laser would be safer than the Fraxel Repair CO laser.

If you have had multiple keloids, I would recommend using a nonablative laser like the Fraxel Resrore 1550 instead of the ablative CO2 Fraxel Repair Laser.

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If you form keloids, you have a very high risk, and an evaluation with your Board Certified Dermatologist or Board Certified Plastic Surgeon is necessary to a risk analysis and determine the best plan

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