Are people with depression allowed to get nose jobs? Should I bother paying for a consultation, or will I just get turned away?

I want to get septoplasty for breathing purposes and so my nose will be more symmetrical. But, the thing I'm afraid of is the consultation. I'm aware there's a screening process. Clients with mental health issues are often turned away. I do have depression, but I've also been in therapy for years. I understand these procedures can correct breathing and restore symmetry, but I do not believe that they could fix my depression. I really want this done. Will my mental health status hold me back?

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Cosmetic surgery with depression possible?

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Sometimes, some physical feature that can be improved may cause depression. In most cases, if the person is stable as per their therapist, there is no contraindication to surgery. I often do Skype consultations or for our out of town patients, almost everything can be done by email prior to seeing the patient for surgery.

Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Are people with depression allowed to get nose jobs? Should I bother paying for a consultation, or will I just get turned away?

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If the depression is well controlled, you can proceed with rhinoplasty.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Rhinoplasty and Mental Health

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As long as your depression is controlled and you have a reasonable expectations your a good candidate for a rhinoplasty. A consultation would be very beneficial for you. Try not to build it up to more than it is (anxiety). You are not agreeing to have anything done by having a consultation, only educating yourself and meeting a surgeon.

Good Luck

David Shifrin, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Depression and Nose Surgery

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Many people have forms of depression or anxiety, and are good candidates for cosmetic surgery, including nose surgery. A person's ability to make an informed, competent decision, and making that decision with the appropriate motivation and expectations are the important issues between a patient and surgeon. 

It is worth having a consultation to address these points. Based on the discussion both you and your surgeon can decide if surgery is right for you. I have operated on many people who have depression with good results and satisfied clients - this is a result of good patient selection and education.

Cory Goldberg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Will Depression Prevent Me From Getting Rhinoplasty

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Mental status will be always be considered by a responsible surgeon because we all want a satisfied patient after the procedure. It is unlikely depression will be a contraindication, especially for a patient like you because you acknowledge the diagnosis and have been treated for this condition. I would consult with your therapist before doing a cosmetic procedure on you. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Depression and Rhinoplasty

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Depression in and of itself is not an exclusion for a rhinoplasty procedure. What counts is whether you have your depression under control and that you have realistic expectations from the procedure. That qualifying information can only be acquired during a formal consultation. Your belief that a rhinoplasty will not fix your depression is an encouraging sign for a successful rhinoplasty outcome.

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