I got a burn from an injection for a varicose vein close to the surface of my leg. Will the healing take years?

I know have to wear a bandage with a solution on it to ease the discomfort and help the healing which a doctor told me will take years....I would send a photo but I am told not to remove the bandage...

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Sclerotherapy Scar

This most likely is a scar from extravasation of the sclerosant into the surrounding tissue. The healing should take months and not years. Otherwise that bandage would get rather rank. 
I would recommend a product called Dermend. It is made by Ferndale Laboratories and can be purchased over the counter.
As my colleague, Dr. Wendel suggests, you should avoid sun exposure to the area. 

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Sclerotherapy related thrombophlebitis

If it is indeed a large vein that was injected and subsequently became a cord or palpable bump, then it could be and should be drained immediately to prevent staining and hyperpigmentation of the skin. Shoould return to the physician who did the sclerotherapy for evaluation and possible drainage via a tiny puncture wound. 

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Many treatment options.

Post sclerotherapy ulceration is usually due to escape of the sclerosing solution out of the vein and into the surrounding tissue to cause tissue necrosis and ulcer formation .  There are several options for treatment including immediately flushing the area with hyalouronidase and applying nitroglycerine cream.  For later treatment debridemont (cleaning) of the ulcer to healthy tissue and sometimes (if small enough), excision of the ulcer and primary closure. Other options would be local care with various topical agents such as santyl or any other collagenase agents.  By keeping the ulcer bed clean and good local care the ulcer will heal usually over several months.

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Burn | Wound after Sclerotherapy

Thank you for your question.

Healing usually takes weeks or months, not years.  Avoid exposure to the sun in the area.

If you get a darkened scar, a bleaching agent can help

To be sure, follow your surgeon's instructions specifically.

I hope this helps.

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