Am I stupid for considering a breast augmentation before eventually trying to have my second child?

My breast are pretty saggy from breast feeding my son and my bra size is only 34 b …

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Breastfeeding Post Breast Augmentation

Thank you for your question. You could go ahead now or wait. Breast implants should not prevent you from breastfeeding in the future but breasts tend to expand and change during pregnancy and breastfeeding so if you definitely plan to have another child, you will take the risk of your results changing. I recommend that you discuss your concerns and options with your Plastic Surgeon in order to make the best choice for you.
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Breast augmentaiton and pregnancy

It depends on when you are planning to have that second child. If it is not for five years, it could make sense to go ahead now.  However if it is in the next one to two years, it may make more sense to have the child, breast feed and then have surgery. Consult in person with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Best wishes. 

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Breast Augmentation

Your question suggests you may need a breast lift with an augmentation.  You might consider a breast augmentation now and a mastopexy after you are finished having children to correct the breast ptosis.  This decision would depend on your goals and amount of breast ptosis you currently have.

John L. Burns Jr., MD
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Am I stupid for considering a breast augmentation before eventually trying to have my second child?

Thank you for sharing your excellent question.  If you are planning to have your second child in the near future it is best to hold off on surgery until after pregnancy and nursing so that the appropriate surgical treatments can be determined.  After your second child you may want to have both a breast augmentation to restore lost volume but also a lift to help reposition your nipples and areola and sagging breast skin into a more youthful shape and position.  Hope that this helps.

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Breast augmentation before eventually trying to have my second child?

Thank you for the question.
Timing of the breast augmentation is a very personal decision. In general I advise patients if they are planning on having children in the near future (this is open to interpretation) to wait on the breast augmentation procedure. In your case, given your specific plans, it sounds like you will be best off waiting on undergoing the procedure. Doing it this way will potentially minimize the number of operations that the patient will undergo. 
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Breast augmentation timing

Ideally, you should wait until you have finished adding to your family before you undergo a breast augmentation. This is recommended in an effort to minimize your likelihood of re-operation -  another breast surgery that aims to modify your original breast augmentation.As you're aware, pregnancy and breast feeding can result in significant changes to breast size and shape. If you have your breast augmentation prior to your second child, these changes could lead to a meaningful change in you breast augment result and you may then find yourself considering more surgery.

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Breast augmentation and children

During my consultations I tell my patients that if you are planning on having children in the near future, it i best to put off surgery until then. Typically if this is within the next 2 years. However, if it is later than this time , then it is reasonable to proceed with surgery. There are minimal challenges with lactation after undergoing breast augmentation, so possible supplementation with formula might be the case. Also there is always the possibly of  needing a lift. It is still possible for you to have your procedure, however, it is best to be seen by a board certified plastic surgeon who perform many cosmetic breast procedures so that he or she can examine you and discuss in detail what may be the best option for you.
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