Does natural cc size factor into implant limits?

I know there is a implant cc max. However, does natural breast cc factor in at all? I am tiny and busty for my size. Eventually I'd like a lift, but I've heard it works best with an implant. Would I need to remove natural tissue first and then add it to safely do it? I'm a solid 26GG/sometimes an H. So that's 850cc for the GG. I'm guessing that makes me around 900 since it's 1000 for an H. I'm 5'6" and 105-110.

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Does natural breast cc factor into size options?

Hi and thank you for your question. We do consider how much native breast tissue you have along with taking measurements of your breasts to determine the cc’s of implants needed to reach your goals. Unless you proceeded with a lift and augmentation, there would not be any native breast tissue removed. I would recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon to be examined and explore the options that are best for you. Good luck!

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What Size Should You Choose

As much as it's important to know what size bra you currently wear, the strap size is important to know as well. It affects the diameter of the cup and subsequently the diameter of the #breast implant that you choose. In my practice, about 15-20% of the patients are good candidates for silicone #shapedimplants.
This may provide some insight. If a woman wears a size 36 AB bra and would like to be a C cup, which is the average size that women wear and the average size bra that is sold, she needs a volume of approximately 350 to 390 cc to make that change. This becomes less if she's wearing a 34 bra, because it has a smaller strap size and the cups have a smaller diameter. A smaller diameter implant would then be a volume of approximately 300 to 350 cc. In the same way if she was more petite, maybe a double zero or size one and wore a 32 AB bra, then to become a 32C cup she would only require about 250 to 300 cc. The profile is determined by the amount of projection versus roundness that the you desire, as well as the size of the implant and size of your chest.
Other factors which contribute to the outcome are #size, #shape, and #profile.
The #profile is determined by the amount of #projection versus roundness that the you desire, as well as the #size of the implant and size of your chest. Also, the placement or incision location will also have an effect on profile.
Your Plastic Surgeon will measure you to determine the best shape, size and placement of the #implants to be used. Lastly, another important element to a satisfying result of your #augmentation is realistic #expectations.

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Does natural cc size factor into implant limits?

Thank you for your excellent question.  Without an in-person examination, or full series of photographs, it is difficult to offer definite recommendations, but implants are designed in cc amounts that will add on to your natural breast tissue to yield your final result, you do not typically remove breast tissue during the process.  Implant cc size does not correlate with bra size, however, so the best recommendation would be to see a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss your desired breast size and appearance and they can help you choose the right implants.  Hope this helps.

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