I had surgery, doctors used dissolvable stitches. But they didn't dissolve and were forced out by my body. Why is that? (photo)

I had hernea surgery about 10 years ago. The doctors used dissovable stitches, the stitches dissovled into my skin and we thought that they were gone. A couple of weeks later, we were shocked. About 2 inches from my belly button a bumb popped up and it was hurting. My dad then decided that he wanted to pop the bumb. He pushed on the sides and one by one all of the stitches came out. We had thought that the stitches were gone. Now i'm scared for life. Why did they dissolve, then come back ?

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Dissolving stitches


The dissolving stitches are absorbed by the body by creating an inflammatory reaction. People react differently to the material in the stitches - it is quite common in some people to have some exaggerated reaction. In some the stitches take longer to absorb and they some time work their way out - occasionally a surgeon would remove these stitches to help settle the reaction. Unfortunately the photographs are not very clear and it is difficult to understand the exact causes of your scarring - it may or may not have anything to do with the stitch reaction.

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