I am very concerned: my implants are too large and may be bottoming out. (Photo)

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Bottoming Out

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It is far too early to make this determination.  The breasts are swollen, your muscle is in spasm, and the inframammary fold can be swollen and appear lower.  You can have what one of my patients termed "Frankenboobs" for several weeks following surgery, but with time things will improve.  Continue to follow up with your surgeon and be patient.  It does not look like bottoming out at this time.   

Good early breast augmentation result

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Based on your photograph I do not see bottoming out of the present time.  Your early in your recovery and hopefully as the implant assumes a final position your inframammary crease will become better defined which usually happens.

No evidence of bottoming out.

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Based on the photo you have posted, your implants are not bottoming out. If your breast augmentation was recent, it will take some time for the skin to relax and for the breast to settle into their final shape and size. If you continue to have concerns visit your plastic surgeon for an exam. 

Your implants are not bottoming out

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Thanks for you post and photograph.  There is no evidence that your implants are bottoming out.  The implant do appear flattened out by the soft tissue but this will improve over time.  

You do not have "bottoming out"

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You have not provided the complete information about surgery. The pictures show no bottoming out. 

Is This Bottoming Out

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From your pictures, you definitely don't show any bottoming out. If your surgery was recent, it is normal for the breast to drop some as the swelling goes down and the tissue stretches.

Bottoming out

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I don't know how far out you are from your surgery but, based on your picture, you do not appear to be bottoming out at this time.

I am very concerned: my implants are too large and may be bottoming out.

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Do not see any bottoming out at ALL... And the one posted photo you look great after the implants.....

Early in recovery

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You are too early in your recovery to answer your questions.  It appears that the implants are still being held high by your muscle which is normal.  Continue with massage and follow your surgeon's orders.  Your final results will not be visible for several months still.

Mennen T. Gallas, MD
Katy Plastic Surgeon

Bottoming out?

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These photos definitely do not show bottoming out.  Two days postop is too early to tell anything because of swelling, especially in a sub pectoral augmentation.  Be patient and do not hesitate to ask your surgeon for reassurance.  

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