Swelling/lumpy 28 Days PO After TT/MR/LIPO? (photo)

I have lumpiness in my upper ab area that is soft (not rippling) and above my incision. It does not move or change areas. It's not going down and is the same week to week. I know swelling is normal and will take time for it to completely resolve but can I expect my tummy to eventually flatten out or will I remain with this puffiness in the upper ab/middle section. I've seen others with tighter, firmer results (with bodies similar to mine) . I did have bad vomiting for the two days post op.

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Swelling in the upper abdomen after tummy tuck

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The swelling that you are seeing can last 6 months to a year depending upon how your body feels.  You otherwise appear to be healing well.  I would discuss this area with your surgeon and make sure they examine you to make sure there is not a fluid collection under the area.

Swelling/lumpy 28 Days PO After TT/MR/LIPO?

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The after side view is the only one of these photos that appears bigger than an inch square, and it looks pretty good. (I am not sure why, but none of the other three enlarge on the screen.)  Swelling in the abdominal wall is the rule, and can last for 3 to six months, particularly if there has also been liposuction.

I think you questions are appropriate, and would be best asked to your surgeon in the setting of an in person exam. Thanks for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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