Pleas Advise is my Belly Button As Odd As I Think It Looks? (photo)

On 3/1/2013 I had full TT/MR/Lipo of flanks+back & a 2.5lb lipoma removed from shoulder. While I'm pleased with the results my belly button looks very strange, I just asked DR yesterday if the red ring around my belly button would stay like that forever, I know it will fade a bit but will it change and look more natural? Can any of you explain the surgical process of how this belly button was done? surgery was well over 7hrs so 1/2 heard his explanation. Dr said my BB was floating b4 hand.

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Please Advise is my Belly Button As Odd As I Think It Looks?

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Appears as still having edema in the area. So best to allow at least 6 months full healing. Otherwise steroid injections could be an answer before scar revision. Maybe even the Thermigen RF to decrease the tissues. 


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Very, very early to make any judgement. Please be patient this will improve. The redness will improve.silocone sheeting may help.

Joseph R. Barnthouse, MD
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

Umbilicus scar

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Thanks for your inquiry, it is very early in your recovery and the scars will improve over the next year.  Scar management like steroid injections and silicone sheeting might help-please discuss with your surgeon.

Questions about umbilical shape after a full abdominoplasty

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The red ring around your umbilicus is the scar which is a necessary part of an abdominoplasty.  I would imagine that over time this will improve.  The size of the umbilicus may be a little wide.  This could be revised in the future if it does not close down on its own.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Red ring is your scar

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You have a very conventioanl looking result with no visible problems I can see.  The scar around the BB is where the MD needed to cut a hole in the skin to bring the BB back out.  That is not a floating BB, it is a standard TT.

Is my Belly Button As Odd As I Think It Looks?

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Many thanks for the question and the photos. There are many things mentioned in your post that are beyond your question . First of all yes 7.5 hours of surgery with all that surgery is normal. Secondly at 16 weeks this is a perfect result. I find it surprising what you call a ring around your naval is not understood by you to be scar around the naval. It seems there was a communication gap or misunderstanding the operative or post operative details. This scar and the TT and the surgery for Lipoma scar will need treatment for next 9 months which your PS will advise you and then most of your issue will settle down. Wish you good luck.

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