Why would my surgeon tell me I don't need a lift and now implants are heavy and pulling my symmastia repair? I'm so depressed.

Is it normal to not do a lift if you are repairing symmstia. Is it possible pockets are too big ? But he made new neosubpectoral pockets. He is a very good surgeon. I just hoped this would be my last surgery. Left is falling towards armpit and pulling bottom of cleavage. Are saline implants too heavy ? I had 450cc went down to 350ccs. I weigh 135lbs. 5 ft 3in. Muscular build. Creases feel so heavy if I wear genie bra which is like sports bra but lose they spread,push downward. Feeling awful.

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The Benefits of a Lift with a Breast Revision

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The most common #breastprocedures include #mastopexy or #breastlift, #breastaugmentation, or #breastreduction. A #mastopexy or breast lift operation is designed to improve the shape and position of the breasts without reducing their size. It is the most suitable for #breasts which sag or droop (ptosis) as a result of development, aging, pregnancy, breast-feeding and weight loss . Some patients will experience better results to restore superior fullness if an #implant is used at the time of mastopexy; better known as #AugmentationMastopexy. Also, a breast lift may also be achieved with current implants if a patient is satisfied with their current size, type and volume. 

Altogether, the surgery will create an elevated, more youthful breast contour. Also, the nipple and areolae of the desired size and correct height may also be addressed. I prefer to use a #shortscar technique, #LollipopScar or #DonutLift” rather than the majority of surgeons in the United States that use an anchor pattern lift which involve more significant scarring.The best method and #technique for your #procedures will be discussed in greater length during your one-on-one consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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Breast revision surgery

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It is really difficult to answer your question without an exam in person to determine what things look like. Best of luck.

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Concerns after revision breast augmentation surgery…

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after revisionary breast  surgery. As you can imagine, online consultants cannot help you when it comes to explaining your plastic surgeon's  recommendations and/or decision-making; this is a question you will need to raise with your plastic surgeon.   Based on the description, it sounds like you are dealing with a different kind of breast implant displacement problem currently; lateral breast implant displacement.

 Best to follow with your plastic surgeon and communicate your concerns;  again, he will be your best resource when it comes to accurate assessment and advice. 

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